Asphalt Installation

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Paver with SS and JBYour asphalt pavement is an important part of your commercial property values, so you need quality professional asphalt installation services. Not all asphalt pavement is created equal, and only an experienced paving contractor can properly install pavement so that it lasts for years with appropriate maintenance services.

Gann Asphalt & Concrete: Leaders in Commercial Asphalt Installation

To get the longest lasting parking lot or other commercial pavement, you need the most reputable asphalt installation contractors available in your area. For over thirty years, the asphalt paving professionals at Gann Asphalt & Concrete have been helping local business owners get the very best in asphalt pavement with services for the life of pavement from installation, through repair, into replacement and day to day maintenance.

Asphalt Installation

Benefits Of Asphalt Pavement for Commercial Properties

  • Safe – Asphalt pavement contributes to the safety of your visitors and employees by providing a surface that is skid resistant, and the dark color makes traffic symbols and parking lines bright and visible.
  • 100% Recyclable – Broken asphalt is recycled in a number of ways from being used as a base for pavement to getting melted into new pavement, making it a very eco-friendly construction material.
  • Durable – Because asphalt is designed to be flexible and strong, it can stand up to the weight of vehicles by flexing but staying stable over the long run, making it both durable and long lasting.
  • Cost Efficient– Asphalt pavement is quick and easy to install, making it cost effective on the front end, but it is also cheap to maintain as well as repair so asphalt retains value.

The Best Asphalt Installation Process

  • Before any pavement is laid down, the land must be prepared by removing debris, grading to provide drainage, and compacting the soil.
  • Asphalt begins with a base layer made up of aggregates like crushed rocks, recycled asphalt, and gravel. This layer is also compacted and graded.
  • Pavement is installed in various layers of asphalt, and the thickness of these layers depends on the eventual use of the pavement. Each layer is made up of different aggregates and asphalt mixes to maximize stability and adhesion of the next layer.
  • The top layer of asphalt is made of very fine aggregates and special emulsions for a smooth, even surface. This layer is compacted and smoothed with rollers before the job’s considered done.

Need asphalt on your commercial property in or around Kansas City MO? Call Gann Asphalt & Concrete, your local asphalt installation experts!

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