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FEDEX Box DrainWhen thinking about paving parking lots, drainage can often get overlooked by property managers and business owners, but things like concrete catch basins are vital to the health of your commercial pavement.

Why should property owners care about parking lot drainage?

Water is the enemy of asphalt pavement, breaking it down over time when it pools on the surface. The best way to combat water damage on parking lots is to make sure proper drainage systems are installed, including catch basins.

All About Parking Lot Drainage: Catch Basins

  • What is a catch basin?

    Also called storm drains, catch basins are large concrete structures that collect rainwater and runoff from heavy precipitation and then direct the water into municipal drainage systems.

    What happens to pavement when catch basins fail?

    • Floods contribute to erosion and can wear away surface layers
    • Water soaks the pavement, contributing to deterioration of asphalt binders
    • Freezing water expands and
    • Ice builds up on top of and inside of pavement
    • Water creates unsafe driving and walking conditions
  • What does catch basin damage look like?

    There are usually visible signs that the drainage system on your parking lot is starting to fail. You can see that you catch basin needs repairs when:

    • Pools of water appear on the parking lot surface
    • Ice builds up on pavement and around drainage
    • Debris clogs grates and litters the parking lot
    • Cracks or deterioration have already started to appear
  • What do you do if your parking lot catch basin requires repairs?

    Drainage is not something you can fix yourself, so it’s important to contact the local parking lot paving company with the most experience with commercial paving and concrete repairs. A reputable paving company will provide a free inspection to determine what kind of concrete drainage repairs you might need.

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