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271777453 4827096457355450 7196327189010099930 n 1Potholes! We’ve all seen them. Those pesky, ankle grabbing, tire biting monsters that sometimes seem to come from nowhere! A simple and effective way to deal with parking lot potholes and other pavement problems is asphalt pothole patching, which replaces damaged asphalt instead of just filling in a pothole.

Only an experienced paving company like Gann Asphalt & Concrete Inc can perform asphalt patching services to the highest level of workmanship to save your parking lot without costing a fortune. Let’s look at how

The Pothole Patching Process

  1. Using pavement saws or pneumatic hammers, paving contractors cut around the pothole in a square.
  2. Excavate broken asphalt from the area. This asphalt can be recycled!
  3. Perform any necessary repairs to the base layer to ensure stable pavement.
  4. Apply a sticky coating to the edges to ensure good adhesion with the new asphalt.
  5. Hot asphalt is poured into the excavated area, spread carefully, then compacted with special rolling equipment to match the elevation of existing pavement.
  6. Often, a sealcoating is recommended to make the entire asphalt surface look smooth and protect the pavement from further deterioration.

Benefits of Asphalt Patch Repairs

  • Prevents property damage and vehicle accidents
  • Saves time over more involved repair methods
  • Target specific areas of damage without having to replace the whole parking lot
  • More permanent repair than just filling potholes with cold mix asphalt

Gann Asphalt & Concrete: Kansas City’s Asphalt Repair Experts

Contact Gann Asphalt & Concrete, Kansas City MO’s most trusted parking lot paving company, for quality asphalt pothole patching services that will protect your visitors and improve your property values. We have over thirty years of experience with paving in Missouri and Kansas, we can correctly diagnose your pavement issues and recommend the most cost-effective, efficient asphalt repair solutions.

Don’t suffer with potholes in your commercial parking lot! Contact us today!

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