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245718744 4527452390653193 8158609693559655285 n 1If you are in need of parking lot maintenance or repair, but simply don’t know where to begin, here are
some thoughts that might help you get started in the right direction! Over the years it has become clear that as a leading pavement maintenance contractor, we generally do one, or a combination
of three simple things. We ask you to consider:

1) Is your parking surface safe?

The first consideration for any parking lot should always start with safety! From faded
stall striping & markings, to uneven sidewalks or broken curbing, to potholes in the pavement,
items like this, can prove to be huge liabilities! Safety for your employees, customers and guest
should always be your first priority!

2) Is the pavement maintenance or repair cost effective?

It seems that year after year, money is being spent on parking lot repairs,
but nothing seems to be improving. Asphalt and Concrete pavements have an expected life
expectancy. If your pavement has outlived its useful cycle, it may be time to look at longer term
solutions such as full replacement.

3) Is your parking surface inviting?

Never under estimate the curb appeal of your parking lot! First impressions matter
and your parking lot reflects greatly on your property! Safe, clean parking lots are a great start in
letting your guests know you care!

So there you have it!

When it comes to commercial parking lot paving, business owners need to find a local paving company they can trust. From quality asphalt installation to concrete curbing to parking lot line striping, there are a lot of aspects to creating a professional looking parking lot. Business owners in and around Kansas City MO are in luck with Gann Asphalt & Concrete Inc. With years of experience with commercial paving, we can design, install, and maintain your commercial pavement with ease.

Gann Asphalt & Concrete’s Guide to Parking Lot Paving in Kansas City

To get started, here’s our handy guide to parking lot paving services.

  • A Stable Pavement Base

    Long-lasting pavement begins with a well draining, durable base layer made from quality aggregates that have been compacted for maximum stability. Starting with a quality base layer ensures that your parking lot won’t bet waterlogged due to inadequate drainage, suffer from sinking or shifting, or cause you headaches early in its life.

  • Quality Asphalt Installation & Proper Thickness

    Smooth asphalt makes for a safe parking lot, so whoever installs your lot needs to be experienced with commercial paving. Asphalt is installed in different ways depending on the use, with thicker layers for loading zones or commercial drive-throughs that need to stand up to heavy vehicle traffic and thinner layers for an office park, for example.

  • Parking Lot Paving Services

    To make a parking lot safe and compliant with all municipal and federal regulations, other parking lot services are necessary, including:

    • Parking lot striping
    • ADA compliance
    • Concrete curbing
    • Parking signage
    • Sidewalks, ramps, and bollards
  • Parking Lot Repair & Maintenance

    A quality commercial paving company won’t leave your property manager high and dry once your commercial pavement has been installed. Pavement maintenance services like cleaning and sealcoating keep your parking lot looking good and protected from the elements, but professional parking lot repair services can also help when problems do arise. A reputable parking lot paving company can tackle maintenance, potholes, faded parking lines, or whatever you need to keep your lot in good condition.

Gann Asphalt & Concrete Inc: Kansas City Leaders in Parking Lot Paving

With thirty years experience with parking lot paving in Kansas City we’re the leaders in asphalt and concrete paving in both KS and MO. When you need a professional looking parking lot, you can trust our experienced paving contractors!

Get the best parking lot possible for your commercial property! Call Gann Asphalt & Concrete Inc today!

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