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Over our long career of paving service, Gann Asphalt & Concrete Inc has become Leavenworth, KS’s most reliable commercial concrete and asphalt experts, entrusted with the installation, repair, and maintenance of all kinds of commercial paving projects. We have been providing professional servicing of asphalt parking lots, concrete sidewalks, and more in the Kansas City area since 1994. We can handle your biggest or smallest commercial pavement project.

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Having been in business for over 20 years, Gann Asphalt & Concrete, Inc. is a nationally recognized, full service paving and pavement maintenance contractor proudly serving the Kansas City and surrounding areas. Whether it’s asphalt, or concrete, or pavement maintenance, our mission is simple! We provide pavement solutions to make hazardous parking lots safe, inefficient parking lots cost effective and unsightly parking lots inviting to your customers and guests!

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Explore Leavenworth KS

The county seat and largest city of Leavenworth County KS, Leavenworth is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area but it has a long history of its own. The population of the city was 37,351 as of the 2020 census. In the early 1800s, the city was built around the site of Fort Leavenworth, a military fort and key supply base in the settlement of the American West. Many volunteers joined the Union Army from Leavenworth.

Multiple pieces of American history are on display in Leavenworth, including the Fort Leavenworth Army Installation, the Buffalo Soldier Memorial Park, and the Richard Allen Cultural Center. This key piece of history is an important place to visit for anyone who wants to know more about how the country evolved throughout the 19th century. Multiple buildings that have been important cornerstones of the area also are still standing today, as well as antique shops for those who like to find interesting artifacts.

Pavement Maintenance Budgeting in Leavenworth KS

The commercial paving company trusted for pavement maintenance in Leavenworth KS, Gann Asphalt & Concrete, wants our local property managers and business owners to feel confident about getting help for their commercial pavement. When you’re confident that you have enough money for upkeep of your parking lot or other commercial asphalt, you won’t wait on getting asphalt repair and pavement maintenance services that can benefit your property.

Budgeting Tips for Pavement Maintenance

Crew Action Photos Chick Fil A April 24 17 158Know What Your Parking Lot Needs

The first step to getting the most cost effective asphalt maintenance services is to know what condition your pavement is in. First, take a walk around your property and give your asphalt a visual inspection. Keep your eyes out for:

  • Cracks in your asphalt, their width and depth
  • The color and smoothness of the surface
  • If water sinks into your pavement
  • Areas of standing water
  • Stains from vehicle fluid leaks

Know What Asphalt Services Can Do

  • Crack filling services can seal over cracks that are under 1/4 inch wide and 1 inch deep.
  • Sealcoating hydrates your asphalt, making it flexible and protecting against UV damage.
  • Pavement cleaning can remove debris and dirt.
  • Asphalt repairs like patching services replace damaged or stained pavement before damage worsens.

Know the Timing of Maintenance Services

Parking lots that are from 2 – 5 years old should get one coat of sealer every couple years. Any pavement older than that or pavement that sees high traffic need to be sealcoated once per year. Pavement should be professionally cleaned and inspected yearly in springtime.

For the best pavement maintenance in Kansas, call Gann Asphalt & Concrete Inc!

For over twenty years, we’ve been performing asphalt maintenance for commercial property owners and municipalities in the greater Kansas City area. We work around your schedule and prioritize your needs.

If you’re ready to start a plan to restore and improve your commercial pavement, contact us today!

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