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272049368 4856598264405269 1434996591095846184 n 1Crack filling is an important part of any pavement preservation plan, and a vital service to restore older parking lots. As a relatively low-impact asphalt repair process, crack repair can be performed quickly to instantly improve commercial pavement.

It’s important to get these asphalt crack repair services from a reputable commercial paving company like Gann Asphalt & Concrete Inc. Let us answer all your crack repair questions!

Parking Lot Crack Filling FAQ

  • Are there different types of asphalt cracks?

    Yes! Cracks in pavement are categorized as “working” or “non-working” as well as named for the way they run across the pavement surface. Working cracks show movement in the surrounding pavement, while non-working are deep cracks that are surrounded by stable pavement that isn’t moving.

  • What types of crack repair services are there?

    • Crack Filling – This crack repair method is what it sounds like. Hot pour asphalt fills in deep cracks, with a more flexible asphalt emulsion used for working cracks.
    • Crack Sealing – Sealing is concerned with preventing water penetration into smaller cracks and involves cleaning out and then injecting the crack with special hot asphalt emulsions.
  • What type of crack repair is best for my pavement?

    Only a thorough pavement inspection from a reputable commercial asphalt repair company can determine what method will permanently repair cracks.

Trust Gann Asphalt & Concrete for Quality Crack Filling Services

We’ve been repairing parking lots and other commercial pavement in the greater Kansas City MO area for over 30 years, and over that time, we’ve developed the most efficient crack repair services. We’ll keep your budget in mind when repairing your parking lot and only recommend the repair solutions that bring the most value.

Got cracks in your commercial pavement? Call Gann Asphalt & Concrete, Kansas City MO’s most trusted commercial asphalt company, for a free inspection today!

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