Parking Lot Bollards & Car Stops

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Car Stops PageWhen it comes to finishing your parking lot, there’s nothing better to create a professional looking commercial property is installing concrete parking lot bollards and car stops. These concrete structures protect visitors and improve your property’s curb appeal, but you need to get them installed by an experienced local commercial paving company.

Gann Asphalt & Concrete Inc, Kansas City MO’s Commercial Concrete Experts

With years of experience paving parking lots with the highest quality asphalt paving services as well as commercial concrete services, we’re the best commercial paving company for business owners and municipalities in the greater Kansas City MO area who want a beautiful and safe parking lot with attractive concrete parking stops, sidewalks, and bollards.

Parking Lot Bollards & Car Stops

  • What Are Concrete Bollards?

    Parking lot bollards are typically constructed from concrete and they’re physical barriers that stop cars but allow pedestrians through so they can access buildings and other areas. They can be constructed in a variety of shapes from simple posts to spheres to squares and painted any color that compliments the look of the commercial property.

  • Benefits of Parking Lot Bollards

    • Create a physical barrier for variety of areas: schools, churches, banks, public properties, and retail businesses
    • Control vehicle traffic
    • Provide protection from vehicle accidents
    • Improve commercial curb appeal
  • Other Commercial Parking Lot Concrete

    • Car Stops – Also known as wheel stops, curb stops, or parking blocks, the concrete structures at the end of parking spaces are vital for a safe commercial parking lot. Concrete car stops can also come in various forms, be premade, or installed on site. These structures can also be painted with durable traffic paint to provide extra safety and an attractive, professional finish to the parking lot.
    • Decorative Concrete – There are other places where attractive concrete can increase curb appeal and literally bring in new customers, including walkways and entrances. Concrete can be stamped and stained to match any exterior look, or even painted with company logos.

Contact Gann Asphalt & Concrete Inc, Kansas City MO’s most reputable commercial paving contractor, to update your parking lot with concrete bollards and car stops!

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