Remarkable Parking Lot Repair with Asphalt Resurfacing in Marshall, MO

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At Gann Asphalt, our dedication to enhancing the Kansas City area’s infrastructure remains unwavering. We recently tackled a monumental parking lot repair project at Marshall Plaza, a popular shopping center in Marshall, MO. Since its construction in 1983, this commercial property has evolved over time, and today, it serves as a pivotal retail hub.

Over the years, the plaza’s asphalt parking lot had weathered significantly. Pavement deterioration, faded lines, and unsightly cracking had marred its functionality and reduced appeal. There had even been a couple of accidents! The property manager knew they needed the help of Kansas City’s trusted commercial pavement repair specialists.

First, we performed a no-cost pavement evaluation and consultation to determine the best repair service for their needs. Gann Asphalt’s expert team devised a comprehensive solution to breathe new life into Marshall Plaza’s parking lot. Our experienced paving contractors first arranged alternate parking with the tenants of the retail center. Employing advanced asphalt milling and overlay techniques, we rejuvenated their commercial pavement, replacing all the signs of wear and tear with a brand-new surface. Once their pavement looked brand-new, we carefully repainted line striping and traffic markings, revitalizing the lot’s organization and visual appeal.

Gann Asphalt & Concrete: Your Trusted Partner in Parking Lot Repair Solutions in Marshall, MO

Operating in communities like Marshall since 1994, we are committed to providing exceptional asphalt paving services to property owners. To do this, we offer several advantages to our commercial clients. Our in-house, highly-trained crews handle every parking lot paving and repair project, and a comprehensive written guarantee back our workmanship.

Property owners in Marshall, MO, elevate your pavement standards! Contact Gann Asphalt & Concrete today for superior paving, repair, sealcoating, and line striping services.

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