When is pavement too old for an overlay?

An asphalt overlay from the best asphalt paving company in your area can be a great way to revitalize worn or damaged commercial pavement, but it’s not recommended for all kinds of pavement damage. It’s important for property owners to understand pavement repair services, what they do and when they’re best performed.

Your Asphalt Overlay Questions Answered

Gann Projects 15 600x450 1The most trusted asphalt repair company in Leawood KS, Gann Asphalt & Concrete, wants their customers to get the most value out of their asphalt services. That’s why we provide guides to our parking lot repair services like asphalt overlay.

What does the asphalt overlay process consist of?

This repair service is pretty much what it sounds like: a fresh layer of asphalt is laid over ane existing paved surface. That surface does need to be professionally cleaned and have minor repairs performed first so the damage doesn’t show through the new pavement.

When is the ideal time to get an overlay on your parking lot?

Business owners may wonder when they’ll need an overlay. Your parking lot or other pavement is a good candidate for this repair if:

  • Pavement is has surface wear or damage that can’t be repaired with a simple sealcoating.
  • It has an uneven surface.
  • It has a stable aggregate subbase layer.
  • It’s under 20 – 25 years old.

When is commercial pavement too old for an overlay?

Older pavement can often suffer from major issues like a sinking subbase, damaged underlayers, or damage that goes through the layers of pavement. These things make a full asphalt removal and replacement a better solution.

Who do I call for asphalt overlay in Leawood KS? Gann Asphalt & Concrete Inc!

With years of experience in paving services like asphalt patching, milling, sealcoating, and overlays, we are able to best repair your asphalt. Our dedicated paving crew can get your parking lot or commercial pavement back to full function without disrupting business operations.

Ready to refresh your commercial pavement with an asphalt overlay? Contact us!

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