Why Repair Your Asphalt in a Timely Manner in Lenexa KS

Damaged commercial pavement is a serious hazard not only for employees but also customers, but it also only gets worse if you ignore it. That’s why it’s vital to get minor parking lot and asphalt damage repaired in a timely manner. Having a relationship with a trusted commercial paving company is the best way to go.

In Lenexa KS, Gann Asphalt & Concrete is the paving company with the most experience with parking lot repair and restoration of all types of commercial pavement. We’ll work with your property manager to get you the most cost effective repair services.

blog imageWhy You Should Get Timely Asphalt Repairs

  • Driver Safety & Comfort

    First and foremost, you want visitors to your commercial property to be safe and have a good experience, and having a smooth, attractive parking lot and sidewalks is the most effective way to do that. A broken parking lot with faded line striping or cracked concrete walkways not only look unsightly but they give the impression that you don’t care about your business.

  • Extend Pavement Lifespan

    Also, scheduling timely asphalt repairs makes your pavement last longer. The sad fact is that small cracks and minor surface damage only get worse over time as water and UV rays weaken pavement. Getting repairs early ensures that you stop this damage in its tracks and help your commercial pavement last as long as possible.

  • Saves Money on Pavement Maintenance

    Since pavement damage gets worse without repairs, that means that neglecting your asphalt only leads to more expensive repairs down the line. For example, shallow asphalt cracks weaken the pavement base layer. Crack filling services are much cheaper than cutting up the pavement to repair the aggregate base.

Trust Gann Asphalt & Concrete Inc for your commercial asphalt repairs.

Is your Kansas City area business suffering from a worn asphalt? Is a bad parking experience turning away potential customers? Don’t wait! Call Gann Asphalt & Concrete today!

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