Asphalt Resurfacing Saves Kansas City Hotel’s Parking Lot


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At Gann Asphalt & Concrete, we take pride in transforming spaces, and our recent project near Kansas City Airport exemplifies our commitment to exceptional asphalt resurfacing. The hotel’s parking lot, though structurally sound, had a weathered surface, faded parking lines, and noticeable cracks. The worn-out appearance needed a revitalizing touch to ensure a safe, aesthetically pleasing parking area.

Our tailored solution was pavement resurfacing, a process that involves removing and replacing the top layers of a paved area. Our expert paving contractors initiated this parking lot repair by inspecting the pavement and identifying defects that demanded attention. With site preparation to clear obstacles and safeguard buildings and other structures, we proceeded with the critical milling phase. Through this process, we efficiently removed the worn layers and recycled the pavement for sustainability. We always take a painstaking approach to parking lot repairs, addressing any underlying issues like potholes or cracks before the final resurfacing stage, and this project was no exception. After milling, we ensured the surface was ready, and then our paving contractors applied new layers of high-quality asphalt, ensuring a flawlessly leveled pavement surface. Finally, we performed parking lot striping with high-quality equipment and paint.

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Our commitment to the Kansas City, MO area revolves around offering cost-effective, long-lasting parking lot repair methods, including asphalt resurfacing and milling services. We prioritize value for our commercial clients by only using those repair methods that cost the least while still addressing their issues, providing maximum benefits to businesses in Missouri and Kansas.

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